What is The Online Single’s Conference

The Online Single’s Conference is a 2-day fully online conference

where singles and dating couples will learn from the nation’s leading relationship experts on how to best prepare for their future marriage. TOSC is single-handedly the most intimate and empowering online conference for singles desiring to do relationships God’s way. This movement has been able to capture the hearts of men and women while simultaneously leading them to the purpose of God in their relationships. The co-founders of MarriedandYoung.com, Jamal & Natasha Miller, created and host the annual Online Single’s Conference to enable thousands of singles to experience love God’s intended way.

About Jamal & Natasha Miller

“Jamal & Natasha Miller are the founders of MarriedandYoung.com, a site dedicated to helping men and women establish a solid foundation for an unbreakable marriage.

Their Facebook love story went viral after they posted it on YouTube upon getting engaged. They have since been featured in BET, JET Magazine, and worked with countless other relationship experts in the grand effort to reduce the divorce rate in America. With a team of writers, Married and Young reaches hundreds of thousands of readers with their encouraging content.

Jamal is an amazon best selling author of, 25 Ways to Prepare for Marriage Other than Dating, and together they have written Our Time With God: A 42 Day Devotional for Couples. Jamal and Natasha are also the Generation Pastors at All Nations Worship Assembly in Chicago, where they reside with their two daughters, Harvest Ann and Melodie Grace.”


Jamal & Natasha Miller


Drs. Matthew & Kamilah Stevenson


DeVon & Meagan-Good Franklin


Kimberly Jones-Pothier


Dr. Faith Wokoma


Raleigh Mayberry


Kisha Cephus


Michael & Amanda Pittman


Jerry & Tanisha Flowers


Tiphani Montgomery


Monica Van Deneede


TOSC Real-Life Stories

Gregory Keels

Prior to TOSC 2016

TOSC 2016 was a true blessing. I am one of those people who have struggled a lot in relationships. Every single relationship always left me the same. Broken and frustrated. When I heard that Jamal and Natasha was doing this conference I was real hesitant at first. I thought it was going to be some cheesy online get together where people are trying to play hook up with each other. Boy was I wrong! Each class had substance in it. I had pages and pages of notes that over the course of the year I was able to look back on. Now I look at my singleness as a blessing. I see through the example each speaker presented that I am not alone. I am so glad to be connected to a community that understands the season I am in. TOSC was a Godly connection that has pushed me to embrace who I am. I can't wait for TOSC2017!

Jamila Pleas

Prior to TOSC 2016

TOSC 2016 shifted my entire perspective on what was possible during your single season and gave me hope for my future. Being a single mom it can become very discouraging that you will find love. TOSC taught me where to focus my attention and how to wait on God to write my love story. Now I am in a courting relationship with a man of God and we are doing it God’s way.

Rodney & Shannon

Prior to TOSC 2016

The Online Single’s Conference 2016 came at the perfect time in my life. I was in the beginning of a new relationship that I really desired to do God’s way. Each session in specific ways gave us the roadmap we needed to do just that. Now I am engaged and excited for my future marriage.

TOSC 2017 Sessions

This Conference Is For You…

  • If you just got out of a relationship and desire to be better prepared for “the one.”
  • If you are ready to date, but aren’t finding any Godly potentials
  • If you have never been in a relationship, and want to have a successful future marriage
  • If you are currently in a dating relationship and desire to do it God’s way.

What TOSC Will Do For You

  • BE EMPOWERED to be contently single and never be prey to desperation
  • BE FREED from your past, failed relationships, and baggage that could destroy future ones
  • BOLDLY love and embrace yourself so that you can receive love from others
  • AUDACIOUSLY live out your single season walking in PURPOSE
  • RECOGNIZE counterfeits so you DON’T COMPROMISE and avoid them
  • UNDERSTAND how to date God’s way and be SET UP for SUCCESS
  • KNOW how to position yourself to be found by a REAL man of God (or) how to rightly pursue a REAL woman of God

What TOSC Will Do For Others

When you register for TOSC 2017, you will not only experience the impact of 14 life-changing, heart-shifting, and relationship-preparing sessions, you will also be giving children in Africa the opportunity to have an education. For every TOSC ticket purchased, part of the proceeds contribute to building a school for in-need children in Africa

How TOSC works?

The most convenient and affordable conference you will EVER attend

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    Register & Mark Your Calendar

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    Plan a Watch Party with Your Friends

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    Login From the Comfort of Your Home

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    Watch Live or Watch Later

  • 5
    Be Prepared to have a Godly and Successful Marriage

How Much Money You are Saving By Attending TOSC17??

A regular conference with the caliber of speakers we have would easily cost you
over $1000.00 to attend.

  • Registration

  • Plane ticket

  • Rental Car

  • Hotel

  • Food

Total cost to attend an in person conference – $1,317.00
Total amount Saved…$1,220.00.

Don’t let the time run out before the price increases

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Frequently Asked Questions

TOSC is a fully online conference that you can watch from the comfort of your home. All you need is a phone, laptop, or desktop computer that has a internet connection.

There is a registration fee that includes access to the live sessions as well as life time access to the recordings to watch at anytime later. Each session is valued at $47 which means this is a total value of over $700.00

We’re sorry there is no payment plan available.

The conference will be available for purchase, but will be much higher than the registration fee, so it would be best to purchase now to lock in the best price. The individual sessions start at $47.00 per session, so it would be best to pay for the registration in order to get access to all the sessions for a bundled price.

No, if you are dating, engaged, or newly married each session will be able to speak to your current situation in a different way in order to help you establish a solid foundation for a Godly marriage.

Yes, each session will be recorded so you can download them to view at anytime later.

No, the conference will not be on Facebook live.

Once you register, two week before the conference is scheduled you will receive the login details on how to login to view the conference. There will also be a test day to make sure everything is working properly for you and to answer any questions you may have.